Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

GM is close to launching New waves of electric vehicles, And it ensures that there is a charging infrastructure to keep those EVs on the road There is an automaker On A community charging initiative that will install 40,000 Level 2 charging stations across North America. The program will give dealers up to 10 chargers they can place in “neighborhoods” such as apartments, colleges and businesses. Units will not be limited to GM EV drivers.

These chargers can be purchased directly through both dealerships and online. GM eventually plans three chargers, including a basic 11.5kW / 48-amp model, a “premium” version of that charger (with touchscreen and camera) and a more powerful 19.2kW / 80-amp model. The community effort began in 2022 and is part of a larger $ 750 million investment through it Altium charge 360.

Level 2 charging is not very fast. It’s more like a wall charger than a quick option that you’ll buy for your home (where it’s better to charge overnight) Tesla Supercharger Or America’s fastest station electrification. Distribution is not as good as it sounds. Dealers may want to install multiple stations in one place to reduce queuing.

This may still be welcome news. Lots Expansion of charging network Focus on high-power chargers for long-distance travel. GM’s community program makes daily driving even more, where you may just need a top-up. Although it may be particularly useful for some apartments. Residents of this building rarely have the option to recharge the house and this can make EVs practical without costing the building owner and tenants.

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