Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

GM is the latest automaker hoping its car data will help governments improve road safety. The company partnering with Inrix on a Safety View cloud initiative that gives crash, vehicle and “vulnerable road user” (think pedestrians and construction workers) data to US transportation officials. If all goes well, local governments can both prioritize new road safety projects and gauge the effectiveness of their current efforts.

The data is tailored for the Transportation Department’s Safe Streets and Roads for All program, not to mention various agencies’ Vision Zero (zero road fatalities or serious injuries) plans.

It’s no secret why GM and Inrix might want to share car info with the government. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes 5 billion for the DOT’s Safe Streets program. That’s a lot of potential business from government clients that could be eager to modernize their roadways as much as possible. Whatever the motivation, it might be worthwhile if road safety improves based on real-world data that was previously difficult to obtain.

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