Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

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It may not be Black Friday for another two days, but the CD Project’s GeoG Storefront Steep discount offer Different PC games at the end of the weekend. If there is one theme for sale, it is about CRPG. Hope to see the Like title And 65 percent discount.

Seeing one of the attractions of the sale 50 percent discount at $ 23.74. The full version includes excellent Frozen wild DLC that expands the story and adds a whole new open-world area for players to explore. You have been waiting to be picked up Horizon On PC, now is a good time to do this since Guerrilla has patched a number of performance issues that hampered the game during launch. We will note here Horizon Is also If you want to buy the game through Valve’s storefront.

You can also get 50 percent discount on both And . If we had to pick a favorite from that pair, it would be Disco Elysium. This is one of the best RPGs that has come out in recent memory and has a lot to say about different things. If this involves a lot of reading, you may be hesitant to try it first. The release adds a full voice acting to the game. Just under $ 32, we mean Cyberpunk It’s worth it.

GOG has offered up to 80 percent off the entire Focus Home Interactive catalog. This way, you can get some lesser known gems And As low as $ 9.89. These aren’t the most polished games, but if you’re looking for something different and with some characters, it’s worth checking out.

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