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A family wearing old clothes with a record player and music box

Face the Music, part of a new Lock & Key Story, Lock & Key The Golden Age collection
Pictures: IDW Publishing

Where Locks and keys Going to the future? Only Know the upcoming third season of Netflix But for now Where to start Integrated into a brand new collection and io9 has your exclusive first look.

Lock and key: The Golden Age A hardcover collection is coming in April with four A new story by author Joe Hill and painter Gabriel Rodriguez has previously been published. Among them is “In Pal Battalion Go” Plus Sandman Universe crossover “Hell and Gone.” And all that explores this rich past The mythical world where there is a family called Locke The magician uses keys to do all kinds of wonderful things.

Golden age Was quite literal A decade of makingHill told io9 in a statement: “The first story was published in 2011 and the last chapter was published in 2021. And now it’s here, all together, in two covers. I don’t know if any of my own graphic novels have made me so happy.” I’ve spent so much time thinking about it, or living like this in my dreams … I know Gabe feels the same way. I’m finally on the moon to see the landing in the hands of the reader. Very few books take you on such a journey but I have to say, every step I take I enjoyed it. “

Here is the exclusive book cover for io9.

Golden Age cover

The cover of The Golden Age with Gabriel Rodriguez’s pencil and ink and the color of J. Photos.
Pictures: IDW Publishing

“We had a very unique creative opportunity Golden age,“Free from the boundaries of the traditional calendar and format of any standard comic book series, these stories take on really risky and daring possibilities as a means of storytelling. We also have the opportunity to explore completely different eras of Lock family history and original mythology. We’ve had the opportunity to tie the knot in one of our most ambitious episodes, uniting the universe. Locks and keys With Sandman Universe, A perfect classic of this genre (which was an undeniable direct inspiration for us to create our book). And yet, the most rewarding part of it was seeing the Chamberlain Lock family grow up, gaining depth and being completely distorted in a story that won a special place in our hearts … and we hope to open new dreams in the minds of our readers. “

In addition to “In Pal Battalion Go” and “Hell and Gone”, the book includes previously published stories “Small World” and “Open the Moon”, as well as the brand new “Face the Music” which has never been seen before by an orchestra. What the heck is an orchestra? We don’t know, but you can see that Rodriguez’s pencils and inks follow the colors of J. Photos.

An orchestra key reveals a panel of six comic books, but only in pencil.

A page from the new lock and key story “Face the Music” illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez.
Pictures: IDW Publishing

Six comic panels, now ink.

A page from the new lock and key story “Face the Music” with Gabriel Rodriguez’s pencil and ink.
Pictures: IDW Publishing

Finished 6 panels.

A page in the new Locke & Key story “Face the Music” is now illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez with J. Photos color.
Pictures: IDW Publishing

Lock and key: The Golden Age April 12 out and retail for 30. Pre-order here.

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