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Most of us have had meetings that can only be an email. It will soon provide insight into how you spend your work day, including how much time you spend , So you can find out how much time you can save if you send your Basra memo.

This idea behind Time insight For a better understanding of how your time is taken, so if you spend too much time in zoom calls or conference rooms, you can probably adjust. For example, maybe you can combine meetings if you spend a lot of them with the same person.

The feature can highlight the days and times where you attend meetings the most. You’ll see details of a time break (including the average time spent in meetings each day) and those with whom you often meet. When you hover over a person, Google Calendar will highlight all the meetings they include.

Time insights will only be visible on computers, not mobile devices. Insights will only be visible to you, but if you manage other people’s calendars and enable the “Manage Sharing Access” permission, you’ll also be able to see their time insights.

Workplace administrators will be able to turn off this feature, but other users will not have that option. You can, however, hide time insights by closing the bar on the right side of the screen.

Time insights are coming specific Accounts (such as Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus and non-profit users). It will not be available for other plans including G Suite Basic and Business users. Workspace administrators will see this in the next few weeks. Google will launch Ins and Time Insights on September 20, the Rapid Release Domain and the scheduled Release Domain, respectively. Rollout will take up to 15 days for each type of domain.

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