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Will Android and iPhone users ever share a messaging platform?
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Again, people are talking about how Apple will not play well with Android devices. This time, Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s senior vice president who oversees Android, is taking Apple to work on fighting the green bubble and urging the company to adopt a new text messaging standard that will facilitate cross-platform communication.

On Saturday, Lockheimer tweeted that Apple’s walled garden around iMessage was a “documented strategy,” adding that the company used peer pressure and intimidation to sell its products despite its “humanity and equity”-centric marketing.

Lockheimer specifically called out how Apple could support the Rich Communications service, or RCS, But select no. Messaging Standard has effectively integrated all Android devices into one texting platform after a year-long crusade. The three major US carriers support all RCS. It’s available by default via the Google Messages app, which comes standard on all Android devices — just like Apple Messages is standard on all Apple devices. In fact, r Last holdout Apple has standardized RCS across mobile platforms.

Today Lockheimer denied That his tweets were a criticism of Apple’s refusal to bring iMessage to Android Instead, he wants Apple to support RCS in iMessage, just as the company supports older SMS / MMS values. He even offered to help Apple implement RCS, doubling that Application Made late last year.

Lockheimer insists that adopting the Apple RCS will help connect more people.

Lockheimer tweeted, “Phone number-based messaging is fallback.” “If you want to reach someone and you do not know whether they are using the app xy or z, you are confident that sending them a text (SMS) will work.” This is a standard that has long been supported by mobile devices, which Lockheimer suggests is “probably why Apple initially supported SMS.”

Lockheimer is right. Supporting RCS Will be Improve the experience for both iOS and Android users. Speaking of being a long time Android user, that means I could stay Encrypt Conversations with my loved ones who use the iPhone without using third party apps and I can finally get video clips from my Apple-user friends.

But Google is also responsible for this Unorganized Messaging strategy over the years, which it still has not found and reduced. Google currently runs several messaging services including Google Messages, Google Chat / Hangouts (if you rely on it) Flip the switch Or not), and Google Voice. Other Google apps, including Google Photos and Google Maps Business Messages, have built-in messaging and chat functionality that lets you chat with restaurant and shop owners.

Lockheimer was on the money about one thing: Phone numbers are a universal way to find out if anyone is on a messaging platform. Apps like Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp serve as second- and third-tier messaging platforms for the same people I communicate with via text messaging. And when Google Messages can’t perform a task due to differences in platforms – such as a large video file or end-to-end encryption – my loved ones and I are the defaults to one of the backups mentioned above.

I don’t expect Apple to accept RCS, as the company offers little incentive Customers don’t mind being locked out, It can be just as annoying for their Android friends.

Google would do well to create a universal messaging solution that integrates them all, making it easier for users of — third-party and first-party তে to move back and forth between conversations. We’ve already heard that some of these universal uses are coming to the Chrome OS phone app Later this year. Google can make Android better by simplifying its own messaging app and enabling one-click access to every option so that Apple’s decision doesn’t matter.

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