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The image in the article titled Google Phi is not allowing subscribers to call poison control for some strange reason

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This considers the amount of toxins in the world, which Can range From mundane things like nail polish to impossible things like house plants, being able to call is very important. Poison control If you reveal something potentially toxic. Unfortunately, this is not possible right now if you are a Google Fi user.

According to a report by 9to5Google, Some Google Fi users reported that they could not officially call the Poison Helpline through the Poison Control Hotline and received a message saying, “Your call cannot be dialed.” Users receive instructions on how to communicate with Google Fire Customer Support. 9to5Google mentions that this issue has been going on for months Different Thread Users are not able to get Reddit as well as anything Anxious experience.

“A few months ago I had the same fucking problem when my daughter was sick and was able to take the baby to a safe place [ibuprofen]. Support South has to answer a bunch of questions, I must have flipped some switches while beeching because I hung up and tried again and it worked …. “a User wrote Towards the end of July.

Nonetheless, not all Reddit users have had difficulty accessing the Poison Helpline. Those affected were spread across the country and used both Android and iOS.

The Poison Helpline is a free federal service that connects U.S. residents to local poison centers in case of an emergency and allows them to talk to pharmacists, nurses, doctors or other poison specialists. These experts will then tell you what to do and whether you need additional help.

The Health Resources and Services Administration, which oversees the program, Explains These include frequent callers caring for young children. However, the agency says poisoning can happen to anyone, noting that most deaths from poisoning occur in adults.

Google has told 9to5Google that it is aware of the problem and is investigating.

Gizmodo reached out to Google to confirm the report and ask for comment, but we haven’t heard from him since. We’ll confirm if we update this blog.

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