Google finds evidence of ‘partial’ misleading Australian users in location tracking

There are Australian federal courts Ruled Google “Partial” Confused How users in the country collect and use location data when it comes to. Justice Thomas Thaoli has Handed down His verdict in favor of the case Filed in 2019 By the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACC), which Accused The technical giant of tracking Android users without giving them any preferred choice.

The ACC argued that between January 2017 and December 2018, the company gave users the idea that stopping them from setting their “location history” would be enough to prevent Google from collecting their data. The watchdog said no, because if the “Web and App Activity” settings are turned on, Google can collect location information, which is its default state.

Justice Thaoli agreed with the commission that the technology giant violated provisions of Australian law that prohibits misleading or fraudulent behavior. He got to see the company’s actions Partly Misleading, because they “will not be confused All Rational users, “they” were confused or [were] Likely to be confused Something“Among them.

ACC Chair Rod Sims told reporters: “We think today’s results are a very clear message to digital platforms that they need to be in front of customers about what is really happening. [their] Data, how it is being used and how customers can secure their data “.

Google, however, disagrees with the ruling and is considering an appeal. The company said in a statement:

“We do not agree with the remaining searches and are currently reviewing our options with possible appeal.” Makes it easier.

Company Issued The ability to automatically delete activity and location data every three or 18 months in 2019 Last year, it Able By default there is an option to auto delete for new users, but older users still need to go to their Google settings and turn it on manually.

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