Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

For a long time, people with speech impairments have struggled to understand, not only through other people, but also through voice-based technology. Although Some companies have started Their products work well for people Including unusual speech, Most popular services still do not hear them well Google Announced today That it has created a new Android app called Project Relate that can help speech impaired people communicate more easily with others and assistants. It is Looking for beta testers To test and improve the app from today.

“Standard speech detection doesn’t always work well for people with abnormal speech because the algorithms are not trained in their speech patterns,” said Julie Katiau, product manager at Google Research, in a video. Project Relate will use custom models trained on each user’s speech pattern. When someone first launches the app, it will ask them to create a base model and repeat a few phrases to understand the way they speak.

Then Project Relate can do three things: copy the user’s speech text that they can copy and paste or show to people on their screen, read what the user said in a synthesized voice, and contact Google Assistant.

The app is still being tested, with the company saying it will return applicants for beta testing locations “in the coming months.” But for those who use abnormal speech, it is an important first step towards improving speech recognition.

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