Google has entered into a cloud agreement with SpaceX’s Starlink internet service

SpaceX will install Starlink Ground stations are among Google’s data center features under a new agreement between the two companies. The tech giant’s cloud business has joined a partnership with Starlink that could last up to seven years, CNBC. Together, the two aim to deliver Google’s cloud service and Starlink’s satellite-based Internet service in the second half of 2021 to projects managed or ongoing in remote areas.

By setting up ground stations in Google’s data centers, they are giving Starlink satellites the ability to deliver data to customers reliably and with short-delay through Google Cloud. E.g. CNBC Explaining, customers’ devices will communicate directly with satellites linked to Google’s data center. They can then use Google’s cloud services to quickly run applications in that data center, which has the ability to analyze, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Google’s data centers will then return data to them via Starlink’s satellite.

Last year, Microsoft Announcement It is working with SpaceX on a new Azure cloud computing business. Now, a source said CNBC SpaceX will even rely on Google’s data centers for that partnership.

In a statement from Google and SpaceX, the companies said:

“Google Cloud’s high-powered private network, Starlink’s Global Satellite Internet Service Provider, will bring businesses and customers a seamless connection to the cloud and the Internet, and enable critical enterprise applications to be delivered virtually anywhere.”

While the new partners did not confirm this in their announcement, SpaceX will first set up a ground station at Google’s U.S. data center. The partnership will expand in the future, though, and will take StarLink to ground stations within Google’s data centers around the world.

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