Google is shutting down its iOS and Android shopping apps

Google is adding another entry App Cemetery And this time it Shopping After getting it guillotine XDA developers Shopping app code has identified the word “sunset”, Google has confirmed 9to5 Google It is shutting down the app on iOS and Android in late June. Instead, it will direct users to shopping websites. A spokesman said: “In the next few weeks we will no longer support the shopping app

When you Google a product most of the search functionality is widely available on the web and a tab is found in the search results. You can also search for items directly The company is even testing it in other formats such as the ability to shop directly YouTube videos. “We will continue to build features across other Google surfaces, including the Shopping tab and Google Apps,” said Search Giant.

The app is expected to be available for a few more months, but some users said they saw the “Something went wrong” notice. It works normally for others, but in any case, if you still rely on the app, it’s best to start with other plans.

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