Fri. May 20th, 2022

Google tends to release new Chromecast models soon (you can still buy a year old 1080p unit), but it can be more aggressive. Google TV model. 9to5Google Formula Claim that the company is already building a new Chromecast with Google TV Documentation and code sleuthing revealed the so-called codename “Boreal.” 9 to 5 Android TV Media Hub will launch after 2022.

The so-called leak does not specify the specification, although new processing power with greater video support may be required. XDA And there are others I heard Android TV will require AV1 video format support after March 31st, and this is clearly missing from the existing Chromecast with Google TV. Companies can use opportunities to resolve common grievances, such as moderate storage.

If the leak is correct, the question is whether it is a simple replacement for an existing Chromecast or a high-powered individual model. Existing Chromecast already supports 4K HDR, however, a replacement seems more likely. It is clear that any change would be sufficient to confirm a new internal nickname – Google does not usually provide names for minor corrections.

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