Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

The latest version The app seems to solve a long-standing problem for Android users: it finally displays the feedback sent by Apple Accurately reported as , The app now turns tapbacks into emojis.

So far, messages have converted to tapbacks . So, what if an Android user asked an iPhone owner “ten out of ten?” And when their iOS friend used the Thumbs Up response, the messages displayed that response as his own text line (like “Like ‘being seen in tens?'”). This often makes conversations much more messy than necessary, especially in group chats.

Google Last year on RCS-compatible Android devices, but there are some differences from iOS Tapbacks. Apple uses Google Emoji, using the heart icon, a “ha ha” label and other punctuation. So, the Android app is seen to transform the heart with the eyes of the heart into a face, “ha ha” into a smile. Some subtleties may be lost in translation, but it’s still much clearer than Google’s previous way of displaying tapbacks.

The word change first appeared through 9to5 GoogleDive deep into the latest message beta. Google is now launching the update. We are not at the same level as iMessage on Android, but at least Google is playing a little better with iOS.

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