Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

If you’re a heavy-duty user, Google One didn’t have a very good storage choice – you either have to ‘settle’ for 2TB at 10 10 per month or go to 10TB with জল 50 per month without tears. Fortunately, there is now an intermediate option. 9to5Google To notice Google is silent Added 5 TB plan for 25 25 per month or 250 250 per year. You will pay half for a 10TB level and will definitely be a good deal if you don’t need more than a 2TB plan.

You still get 2TB-level benefits Android VPN, 10 percent store credit for Google Store purchases and Google Expert Access. Not surprisingly, you are encouraged to add your family.

The timing is right. Google Free unlimited storage of photos is over In early June, anyone relying on service (or full drive) creates a headache for him. This can save you from leaving at least some backups if you know you’re going to be tough in space. There is also a degree of protection of the future. Even if now there is a 2TB fine for your needs, you can give yourself some headroom without paying five times more.

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