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Stereo speakers are on the side of the screen, and although they don’t sound as rich as the iPhone 13 Pro’s drivers, they’re pretty good and loud. Like most high-end phones today, no headphone jack, microSD card slot or Box charging adapterHowever, it has wireless charging, fast wired charging, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E and water resistance. All the marquee features are here.

I am happy that the daily performance of the tensor chip is excellent. I still don’t see any slowdown or starter running and switching between apps, and if it helps for reference, benchmark tests put it a bit behind Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra.

I just ran some resistance with the most graphically demanding game I could think of, Jenshin effect. I had to lower the graphics settings (at an average of 30 fps) to be able to run it at about 60 frames per second. The iPhone 13 Pro Max There was a problem with the same title and some manipulation with the settings, but Apple’s top-end phone was definitely not as powerful as the Pixel and the gameplay As The vast majority of games I’ve tried to cut, like Pokemon unit, Hyperburner, And Dead Trigger 2, All pixels ran flawlessly.

I just have a few grips. Most importantly, the fingerprint sensor: The physical, capacitive sensor on the back of the phone is gone and is now powered by a fingerprint sensor built into the biometric authentication screen. It’s not very good. Sometimes it unlocks on the first try, but most of the time you have to tap your finger twice. I’ve rarely noticed some agility, especially on Twitter, but it doesn’t always happen. Usually, the phone scrolls very smoothly.

Then there is the OLED screen. It’s readable outside, but it doesn’t get it As Bright as competing flagships, so you’ll find yourself wrinkled on sunny days. Also, the Pixel 6 is 6.4 inches and the Pixel 6 Pro is 6.7 inches, but they look very similar because the latter has a slimmer bezel and curved glass edges, which maximizes the real estate of the display. If you’re a fan of big screen phones, that’s fine and good, but it would be nice to have a remarkably small pixel.

Hot pics

Google phones have always taken great pictures. But the hardware hasn’t changed much over the years, and it has allowed competitors to move ahead of the pixels with image quality. Things will be different now that the Pixel camera has finally got a big overhaul. Both newer models have a 50-megapixel main camera paired by a 12-megapixel ultraviolet with a larger sensor. The Pro adds its own 4X optical zoom telephoto for a versatile triple-camera array and optical image stabilization across all its lenses.

I’ve taken over 300 photos in the last two weeks in an attempt to compare these two pixels with their predecessors and competitors like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra. The pixels are hard to say The The best camera phones around, just because they’re competing with the iPhone 13 Pro for that top spot. There are many times when the iPhone moves forward and the pixels rise to the top.

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