Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

The crowd at Google Cemetery is growing. After the announcement of Plex Mobile-first bank account At Citibank in November last year And a few more financial institutions, Google is moving away from the product. According to The The Wall Street Journal, The company is “abandoning plans to give users bank accounts.”

A Google spokeswoman told Engadget: “We are updating our vision to focus primarily on providing digital capabilities for banks and other financial services providers rather than acting as providers of these services.”

Plex was initially positioned as the easiest mobile-first way to open a bank account, where Google provided technology and app design and financial support to banks and credit providers. It seemed like a way to help an organization that did not yet have a modern, capable app to work with Google, which could be due to major names like Bank of America and Capital One, which already had the app. t List of partners.

According to Journal, A spokesman for Citibank said it plans to recommend other accounts to people who have already signed up for the Plex Waiting List. The publication said there were about 400,000 people on the waiting list and the epidemic had set plans. The Journal “As of this weekend, several banks had the idea that the project would still go ahead,” he added.

While Plex branding is going away, Google wants to get involved in the financial services business. “We strongly believe that this is Google’s best way to help customers gain better access to their financial services and deeply integrate the financial services ecosystem with their customers in a digital environment,” the spokesperson said.

It may not be a complete abandonment, but Plex joins a Long list of other Google products canceled Or off, e.g. Home Max Speaker, Clip camera, Google+ And more.

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