Google restricts what apps can see installed on an Android device

Google has introduced a new rule that will prevent most apps from seeing all the other apps on your Android phone or tablet. E.g. XDA developers Notice, the technology giant has updated it Developer Program Policy To restrict the type of application that QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES can request permission, which provides a complete list of applications installed on any device running Android 11 or later.

According to the updated policy, Play “respects the device space of installed applications that ask for personal and sensitive information from the user’s device.” As such, Google will now issue QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission requests only if the application needs to be able to discover any and all installed applications face-to-face with the main user. Examples include applications for antivirus programs, file managers, browsers, and device searches. Developers, the updated policy says, “must be able to justify why the low intrusion method of application visibility will not enable enough [their] Users facing key functionality in complying with “” the app’s policies.

The new policy may make it harder for bad actors to deliver ads to your device for malicious purposes or for advertisers. It remains to be seen whether the policy change that Google implemented in 2018 will be as effective as it was, which was also clamped down on Android apps that abuse permissions. That particular policy placed a restriction on what calls and SMS data could be accessed in the update. Technician Giant said last year that it was so effective, it is Saw a 98 percent drop Access to that information is among the number of Play Store applications.

Google’s policy change will take effect on May 5, 2121.

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