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If you prefer to shop with the Google Shopping app on iOS or Android, you can switch to a better web version. Google is reportedly shutting down the shopping app in a few weeks.

The ax spotted the hints that were coming XDA developers Through the code in the latest version of Google’s shopping app on Thursday, users will be able to shop across thousands of stores and make purchases using their Google Accounts. The news was later confirmed 9to5 GoogleThe apps are going dark but will continue to work until June, he said. However, this does not mean that Google Shopping is going away. The Web version And the shopping tab will still kick in the Google search.

“In the next few weeks, we will no longer support the shopping app,” a Google spokesman told 9to5Google. “The functionality of the application provided by the app is available in all shopping tabs. We will continue to create features in other Google surfaces, including the Shopping tab and Google Apps, that make it easier for people to discover and shop for the products they want. “

The outlet reports that some users who have upgraded to the 59th version of the Google Shopping app have received a message in recent days stating that the app is unavailable.

“The app is unavailable right now, but you can continue shopping at,” the message said.

The web version is almost identical to the app, there’s not much to mourn here, it’s amazing considering Google is I still let out a sigh of frustration at the death of Google Hangouts and am confused as to which Google product is the right alternative. (There is a guide though).

Google shopping app news bomb? Fear not. It must be remembered Google hit, Which has so far logged 22 apps, services and hardware The big tech giant has decided to pull the plug.

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