Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Ask Pixel 6 Owners are about to tip their top and they will probably point to a slow, flashy fingerprint sensor. Although there may be an explanation for that transient pain. Google Hall Saying Users say the Pixel 6’s fingerprint reader uses an “enhanced security algorithm” that may take longer to verify your numbers or may require better sensor communication.

Google did not elaborate on his statement. We asked Google for a comment.

Some users have suggested that using an optical under-display fingerprint reader instead of the ultrasonic sensor found in phones like Google may cause stagnant performance. Galaxy S21. However, Reddit users Note There are phones with optical sensors that work fast, e.g. OnePlus 9. There is a real chance that software could play a role in the quirks of the Pixel 6.

It’s not certain that Google will or will fix this with a software update. Whether it can or not, it is less likely to provide an option outside of your passcode entry. Face unlock without depth sensor is generally unsafe, as facial recognition systems can sometimes Deceived by masks And photos. A few minor corrections, you may have to be patient while using the latest Pixel flagship.

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