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If you are new to Google Streaming wrestling, You To be able to Continuing to watch or listen to a movie on a tablet after pressing a break on the TV is easy if you’re going to bed from the living room – although it doesn’t work with all streaming apps. Entertainment space becomes heavier in short form content including YouTube shorts and twitch streams.

Of course, Google also offers content that you think you’ll enjoy based on your viewing history, likes, and other data. You can even install any of the apps or games suggested here without having to jump into the Google Play Store first. And if more than one person in a family is sharing a tablet, you can switch between profiles in the entertainment space so that each user can enjoy a personalized experience.

“The entertainment space is meant to be a discovery blade where you can find what you’ve been watching, reading or playing before and what you’ve got back or are looking for new items,” Bender said. “It’s not meant to be a subscriber area. If you click on a card, it takes you to the corresponding app. All we want to do is make it easy for people to come to them if they want to enjoy it.”

Tablet resuscitation

Google says it has conducted 23 studies on more than 1,500 Android tablet owners worldwide and discovered that one of the biggest pain issues for its users is finding content in multiple applications. Entertainment Space, which took two years to develop, aims to reduce the number of clicks needed to reach your media. The feature is also arriving at the appropriate time. Google has said across 2020 that it has jumped more than 30 percent Using Android tablets More than 2019.

“Because of Kovid, Using tablets “We’ve seen an increase in the number of monthly active users, and the last quarter is literally the best for tablet activation and sales,” Bender says. From the improvement of the ecosystem.

Apple still tops the tablet market, but Samsung’s tablet sales rose 60 percent in the first quarter of 2021 from the same period last year, and Lenovo rose 134 percent. According to technology research firm Canalis.

“The tablet market is growing rapidly; That’s a few quarters here, ”says Brian Lynch, a research analyst at Canalis. ”

Lynch said he hopes the growth will continue for several years before finally stopping. He also confirmed Bender’s advice that growth began in 2020 in tandem with the COMID-19 epidemic. Education was a big driver as students needed access to the screen for school at home.

“Let’s talk to parents with three kids at home,” she says. “They have classes, they can’t go out and so getting tablets is really helpful for general productivity. You’ll also see some chip deficits from the past year; The tablets have been able to weather that storm a little better than notebooks, so there’s probably some crossover.

The Android tablet experience hasn’t seen much change over the years as Apple dominates the market with regular feature updates and its consistent streams. New hardware. Entertainment Space can give the Android tablet a big shot in the arm. However, this does not solve the problem of how such a large Android application is optimized for a larger screen. Bender says it’s starting to change.

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