Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

A above the declaration Dragon Ball Z: Cockroach And a Defeat is eternal Updated yesterday, Stadia Starting with its own exclusive title seems to have added support for free game trials, 9to5 Google Reported. Featured by YouTuber Gem, the feature allows free-level users access to a 30-minute trial for Hello Engineer, before deciding whether to spend $ 20 to purchase it.

Hello Engineer is a new free game for Pro Tier subscribers, but if you are in Free Tier it costs 20. Buy / Claim with Pro Options, however, has a new “Free Trial” button that allows 30 minutes of free play. Once turned on, it starts a countdown timer from the time you start the trial instead of the active play time. Finally, Google asks if you want to purchase the game while saving your current progress, accordingly 9to5Google.

Google has not yet officially mentioned the new option and there is no word on whether it could be extended to other games. You can, of course, try out any game available for free on Pro Tier with Google’s Stadia Pro’s 30-minute free trial. It would be nice, though, for all users to be able to try out any game before deciding to buy it.

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