Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Google TV is going to make it easy for everyone in your family to maintain their own watchlist. If you already use the platform, you may know that multiple people can sign in with their Google Account. However, at this point, Google TV will only make recommendations for the initial account holder. That is about to change.

Google is launching Support for personalized profiles, Allowing everyone in your family to maintain their own list and helper settings, including a Google Account. This means they will be able to get their own content recommendations. Support for personalized accounts will begin next month Chromecast with Google TV In addition to supported sets from TCL and Sony.

In addition to launching accounts, Google is also improving the platform’s surround mode. In addition to shortcuts for podcasts, music, and photos, you’ll see glansable cards that include personalized information about the weather, news, and more. This feature is initially only available in the United States. After all, if you are one Philo TV subscribers, You will now see the content of the service live on Google TV and in tabs for you. Separately from today’s announcement, Google told Engadget that the mobile remote app for Google TV will soon be available via the Google Home app on Android and iOS.

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