Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

There are many places in the world where there is no address, which may limit the opportunities available to people living and working in those areas. Without an address, you can’t get mail or packages, or you can’t vote or sign up for a bank account, for example. If you don’t have an address, emergency responders won’t find you easily. Google Open source plus code system A set of letters and longitude coordinates has been in place since 2015 to help assign addresses to spaces, matching a series of letters and numbers.

But, according to Google, “previously, it could take years to create an entire city or village address.” The company is releasing a new tool today called Address Maker that will make it easier for governments and agencies to generate a wider generation of these codes. Google says governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Kenya, India, South Africa and the United States are already using address makers, “with more partners along the way.”

Anyone can access one of these codes like “P2J5 + 7C” on Google Maps and see where the place is or get directions. For those who already have existing addresses long or complex, it can be helpful to make sure your contacts find you in the right place. If you ever try to send a package to an industrial area you don’t know, you’ll probably find plus codes helpful.


Address Maker is a free Android app and has shortened the process of the previous few years to a few weeks. Based on an animated render, it looks like you can outline sections on a map and simultaneously add addresses to multiple structures within the area. You can check out Google Page For more help, especially if you are part of a local government or NGO.

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