Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Google’s Nest hub slip tracking The launch time left something desirable, but it continues to improve significantly – with a tool to help you fall asleep faster. The company is rolling out a string of sleep-related improvements on the Nest screen that includes a catalog of cool “sleep stories”. From December, you can tell Google to “start a meditation” and your smart display will play audio to calm you down. You can only access several tracks for free, but if you have a cool premium subscription you can unlock the entire library.

Other upgrades provide more details for the tracking itself. Second-gen Nest Hub now provides details about sleep phases, so you can know how much time you’ve spent in deep, light or REM sleep. You also know how long a barrier can last. Huber’s sound detection now only focuses on coughing and snoring inside your designated sleeping area, so you can see how much a partner (or noisy pet) is affecting your rest. All words outside this area are lumped into a “Other words” section.

Tracking features are starting to reach users today They should be available to all users worldwide “in the next few weeks.”

Get ready to start paying for all these sleep aids though. As previously indicated, Google plans to roll out these slip sensing features at Fitbit Premium from 2023. Not sure what you will pay at launch (Fitbit Premium is currently $ 80 per year), but Google obviously wants to make the most of this nest hub outside of basic hardware sales.

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