Google’s phone app can automatically record calls from unknown numbers

Google has been silently added Call recording In it Phone Last year there were a lot of restrictions on applications based on your device and region. Now, it is expanding this feature to automatically record calls from unknown numbers. Screenshots of the “Always Record” setting were shared XDA developers By a tipstar who has accessed the Google Phone app on the Geomi MI A3 phone.

By toggling the new feature, you don’t have to hit the record button every time you make a call or receive a call, it’s an easy task for frequent users. Like Original recording update, It was first seen in an APAK teardown in January. Although it is now being promoted, you can expect availability to be strictly limited due to the various rules and regulations that can make call recording a legal minefield. Notably, several states in the United States have passed laws requiring all parties to a call to consent to the recording.

Google has already spelled it out for first-time users at the prompt: “When using the call recording feature, you are responsible for complying with applicable law on call recording. Selects devices like.

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