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In a scene from the horror film Antler, a police officer, a little boy and a teacher (everyone looks worried) are walking together under a hallway.

Jesse Plemons, Jeremy T. In Thomas and Kerry Russell Horn.
Pictures: Searchlight images

Horn A movie We were waiting So long to see It’s almost unbelievable that it hasn’t come out yet কিন্তু but tomorrow, finally, is the big day for Directed by Scott Cooper, Guillermo del Toro-produced Supernatural ghost stories. The film has been shutting down a bunch of festival screenings, but to add even more to the horrific hype, Searchlight Pictures has released a new clip from the film.

The clip shows us Middle school Teacher Julia Meadows (Kerry Russell) Invites his shy, mysterious student Lucas (Jeremy T. Thomas) to read the story he is working on in class. She’s a bit misfit, but in her enthusiasm she starts to share. His story – which he described in disturbing detail Example, not word-sMuch like a familiar fairy tale … until it’s fast Becomes dark and frightening.

Apparently Lucas’s story is a thin cover of his own family life, something sympathetic. Julia picked it up immediately. In the movie, perhaps, what doesn’t become clear after a while is how horrible Lucas is talking about the “bear”, as suggested Official description of the film: “In an isolated Oregon town, a middle-school teacher (Kerry Russell) and his sheriff’s brother (Jesse Plemons) get involved with his mysterious student (Jeremy T. Thomas) whose dark mystery leads to a horrific encounter with a legendary ancestral creature. “

Horn Based on the short story “The Quiet Boy” by Nick Antoscar (Channel Zero), And its cast includes Julie’s brother, the local sheriff, as well as Jesse Plemons as Graham Green, Scott Hedge, Rory Kochran and Amy Madigan. It will be shown in theaters tomorrow.

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