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Gendolin Christie as Lucifer in Netflix's Sandman in a stylized, almost black-and-white portrait.

Joy Satan.
Pictures: Warner Bros. Television

We finally have our first look Gandolin Christie as Lucifer Since he will appear Netflix’s The Sandman, And she decided not to doubt looking more glamor – and certainly more terrifying than that His groundbreaking role As Brian of Tarth On Game of Thrones. But to be honest we love Christie for anything, and we’re here for this perfect bit Neil Gaiman-adjacent casting.

Check out the character poster released today as part of DC Fandom here:

Gwendoline Christie's article in the article shows Lucifer as hell in DC's Sandman

Pictures: Warner Bros. Television

Here’s a second poster, without Christie but repeating that caution not to mess with Lucifer’s black wings and the ruler of hell.

Picture of the article titled Gwendoline Christie looks hellishly calm as Lucifer in DC's Sandman

Pictures: Warner Bros. Television

The rest The SandmanIts impressive ensemble cast Dreams include Tom Stories; Mason Alexander Park as Desire; Donna Preston as Desire’s twin, Despair; Vivienne Achempong as Lucien; Christie Game of Thrones Co-star Charles Dance as Roderick Burgess; Boyd Holbrooke as Corinthian; Sanjeev Bhaskar as Kane; Asim Chowdhury as Abel; Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine; Jolie Richardson and Niamh Walsh as older and younger versions of Ethel Cripps; David Thules as John D; Kiyo Ra as Rose Walker; Stephen Fry as Gilbert; Rajane Jamal as Liza Hall; Sandra James as Young Unity Kincaid; And Patton Oswalt as the voice of Matthew the Raven. Wow!

So far there is no word on when we can expect it The SandmanArriving at Netflix, although it won’t be until 2022 soon, we’ll keep you posted if we find out more. How do you like the look of Christie in the character of Lucifer and what are you most waiting for about this latest Blue Guyman adaptation? Let us know in the comments below!

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