Hackers compress a Nintendo Wii in the form of a game boy

If you’re looking to shorten and portable a Wii, it’s understandable to feel inspired by the consoles to get Nintendo to do its own thing. So YouTube’s’StoneageMade them Wii SPii Reminiscent of Game Boy Advance SP with folding screen design Enough more horsepower Under the hood.

Disliked GmanModz is the world’s largest portable N64 Still accepting the original cartridges, Stoneage ADGT wisely decided to fill Nintendo Y’s optical drive with RMS and ISO files with a small microSD card to improve portability. But believe it or not, Inside the Wii SPI is an original Sacrifice Wii console or at least a Wii keyboard that is strategically trimmed to its most important components (processors, etc.) and a custom compact PCB that takes on the responsibility of pairing audio and power management.

The most notable thing about making Stoneage is that it looks like Nintendo will reveal something, revealing their handicraft with a plastic housing through the ice, a 3.5-inch 640×480 LCD display, a pair of heavy batteries that are about two collections. Manages to do- and a half hours of playtime, and even a standard headphone jack – a feature that easily avoids the original GBA SP in favor of a lost adapter cable.

It doesn’t look like the speed controls have been taken to the portable, it was the hallmark feature of the original Wii, but the opening of the case reveals the switch joy-cons and a sunken analog joystick cut from a pair of traditional thematic D-pads as the Wii SPii Nintendo consoles can also mimic. It took Stonez almost a year to design and finish the portable and you can find a detailed log of their progress – the way they got both successes and failures. Bit built forum If you are interested in creating your own and want to get rid of all the weird free time you have on hand.

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