‘Hail Mary Time’ to protect Derek Chauvin: Legal experts Black Live Matter News

The case in the former trial Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Experts told Al Jazeera that after weeks of expert testimony and the video repeatedly showing images of George Floyd’s death in the drama, “Hail Mary” has filed a lawsuit in favor of the conviction to defend the situation.

The prosecutor’s team, comprising two assistant prosecutors, Matthew Frank and Erin Eldridge, and outside attorneys Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher, adjourned their case Tuesday and allowed defense attorney Eric Nelson to represent Chauvin.

“Overall they should be very proud of their presentation. Mike Paden, a lawyer with 34 years of experience in Minneapolis, told Al Jazeera that the experts they chose were just great.

This incident of defense is based on the theory that Floyd’s drugs were not Chauvin’s restraint, but ultimately the cause of death. The defense is also expected to try to prove it Floyd’s restraint Was part of his training as a police officer.

Prosecution Call the doctorCardiologists and pulmonologists who specialize in heart and lung, respectively, to debate this.

They called too Power application specialist And including current Minneapolis police officers Chief of Police, To testify that Chauvin’s Floyd’s restraint was not part of his training.

Third degree murder

The former U.S. consul is now in private practice, Jean Rossi said, adding that the prosecution has proved the evidence in the third-degree murder and homicide case.

Rossi predicted, however, that the jury would probably acquit Chauvin Alleged second degree murder In cases where the cause of Floyd’s death is not clear, premature ejaculation is required for killing

“If I were a police officer, I would not want to be convicted of murder or any kind of homicide,” Rossi told Al Jazeera. “I think he could easily have been convicted.”

A sketch of this courtroom on April 8, 2021 shows a picture of George Floyd’s arrest on a screen on the ninth day of the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. [File: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters]

While the defense is still presenting its case, Rossi said the first three witnesses did not help Chauvin.

Debbie Hines, a former Maryland state prosecutor in private practice, said she thought the prosecution presented her case very well.

“The prosecutors did a great and extraordinary job in the case,” Hines said.

“They wanted to make sure they destroyed all my points and passed all the T’s and I think they did. They presented a clear case without any problems, “Hines told Al Jazeera.

However, it is not a “slam dunk” that Chauvin will be convicted because of the “racist pressure” of a “white police officer” being tried for the death of a black man, Hines said.

All because there is a simple case of “defense” Must defend He convinced one of the 12 jurors that they had made a reasonable suspicion that Derek Chauvin was not a significant cause of George Floyd’s death, “Hines said.

“The defense will do everything to understand the character of George Floyd. They will say he has used drugs. They will say he has been arrested before, he has had heart disease, he has signs of a possible overdose,” he said.

‘Hail Mary’

Padden acknowledged the need for defense to arouse suspicion on his part, but he is not sure how Nelson will handle it. The video of Floyd’s death, which was repeatedly played before the jury, said, “So frustrating, I think you can make a plausible argument that the video only establishes the elements you need for a third-degree murder.”

On April 9, 2021, on the tenth day of Chauvin’s trial in Minnesota Minneapolis, the leaders and activists warned the police as they took action. [File: Nicholas Pfosi/Reuters]

Padden, however, added that the key to raising suspicions was that Chauvin would go to the stand, which could hurt him from cross-examination to litigation. The defense has not yet said whether Chauvin will testify.

However, “he has no choice,” Padden said.

“This is Hale Mary’s time. How bad it is. That’s how far behind they are. Will she be hit in the cross-examination? Yes. What testimony does she have to give? Yes.”

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