Harley Queen star Margot Robbie wanted Poison Ivy to join the DECU

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a great romantic relationship

Image: OhSuperhero Entertainment takes all healthy romantic relationships.
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We will be Of course He does this right now, who doesn’t?

E.g. Harley Quinn, DC Entertainment’s largest – or at least the most consistently successful – they, Margot Robbie His character is intimately known, which means he has read his Harley Queen comics. Harley and his Colleagues Batman The villain Turned AntiThe protagonist Poison Ivy has been around for a long time Romantic relationships did not escape his notice. Oh Definitely Wants to bring that relationship into DC Extended Universe.

In an interview with Geek of Dan, Robbie said of the idea: “Believe me, I always keep their ears closed about it. They must be sick to hear it, but I’m like, ‘Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy. Come on, let’s do it.’ – Poison is very interested in seeing Ivy’s relationship sThat’s fun. So I will keep their pesters. Don’t worry. ”

Among Robbie’s huge stardom, Harley Quinn is the most important at DSEU and HBO Max’s authenticity. Harley Quinn The cartoon was already fan-favorite before Harley realized his feelings for each other and praised how beautifully Ivy’s image was portrayed, it is very likely that Robbie will finally achieve his wish … With all those fans who send one of the best, healthiest and most positive romances in the superhero genre as a whole.

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