Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

It will get a hit after HBO’s subscriber numbers disappear Today. Earlier this month, Amazon informed users who had signed up Their $ 15 / month plan through the channel will be canceled with the issuance of a pro-rated refund on 15 September.

After all, HBO is expected to lose about 5 million subscribers as part of the move, which WarnerMedia agreed with Amazon last year. Amazon If it is not available through the channel. According to HBO may offer discounts to persuade its former Amazon customers to sign up for HBO Max.

This is the shift for WarnerMedia: cutting off the middleman and connecting directly to the audience. . It intends to lose some customers in the short term, so that it can, for example, personalize the HBO Max home page. WarnerMedia has removed HBO as a premium add-on to Apple TV and Roku for the same reason.

The HBO Max app is . Those who have switched from HBO to Prime Video to HBO Max to Fire TV should not face any obstacles if they disappear from their channels, THR Comments.

Meanwhile, Amazon expects people to subscribe to other premium channels. It offers discounts on Paramount +, Starge and Showtime plans. If you sign up for Friday you can pay 99 cents per month for two months.

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