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HBO's 2008-2014 supernatural romance series True Blood cast, in a Photoshop promotional poster.

Pictures: HBO

When True blood The first HBO hit in 2008 was just in time. Adaptation of Charlene Harris Mystery of the South Vampire Featured vampires and werewolves were and were sexy in Louisiana Extremely Easy to sell at that time. It is difficult to say whether it was Actually good, But it was certainly worth watching enough for seven seasons. Also, without it, we would not have discovered how versatile it is Joe Manganiello Is.

Now, HBO hopes you feel like watching it again with some old friends. HBO is launching a podcast series for Max True blood Is called True blood That would serve as a rewatch for the entire series from start to finish. Per Deadline, Cast members Christine Bauer Van Stratten and Deborah Ann Ol, who played their respective vampires Pam de Beaufort and Jessica Hamby, will serve as hosts. The audio series will launch on Max and other podcast platforms.

The podcast is something that Max is trying to get into with rebuilding his favorite favorites. Band of Brothers Or audio fiction For Batman And movie clubs. Considering how daunting it can be to rewind on the HBO Max app, it’s best to hit other platforms to listen. If you like the show, it should be a fun nostalgia trip as the pair bring guests to restore the show, answer fans’ questions and talk about their time on set.

The True blood The podcast came following the news of this series late last year Will be restarted For the maximum. Riverdale Creator Roberto Aguirre-Sakasa and NOS4A2 Show-Runner is coming together to reboot, while the creator of the original series, Alan Ball, is working as an executive producer.

True blood Hopefully HBO Max and other podcast platforms will hit “soon”.

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