Hedge funds post the best start of the year since the financial crisis

Hedge Funds GameStop posted their best first-quarter post before the global financial crisis for a brief sketch and the collapse of the family office Archegos Capital.

According to data group EurekaJes, the fund’s revenue for the first three months of the year was just under one per cent, down 4.8 per cent last month, the best first quarter since 200, according to data group EurekaJes. Recent data from HFR, meanwhile, show that funds grew 6.1 percent in the first three months of the year, the strongest in the first quarter since 2000.

Hedge fund managers, who often bet on raising the price of individual securities instead of following broad indicators, have benefited from a so-called cheap, belly-down rebound this year. ”Value “stock And the areas of the credit market that many of them favor. Some have even been able to benefit from such instability Encourage gamestop sharing, Which has turbocharged some of their holdings and provided an opportunity to bet against overvalued stocks.

“We’re moving into a market environment that is going to be more fertile for most active business strategies, although buying and keeping indicators for most of the past decade has been the best thing to do,” said Aaron Smith, founder of Hedge Fund. Pecora Capital, whose liquid equity alpha strategy has gained about 10.8 percent this year.

Profits are in sharp contrast to the first three months of 2020, when funds fell by about 11.6 percent as epidemic-induced equity and other risky markets faltered. However, the funds later recovered strongly Post their best year since 2009.

This year, Melvin Capital and managers have been supported by a leadwind in stocks despite losses, and Family Office Archegos Capital, In most cases survived a brief explosion of market volatility.

This is a “good market for active management,” said Caesar Perez Ruiz, chief investment officer at Picket Wealth Management, pointing to a decline in equities. When stocks are moved consistently it becomes more difficult for money managers to pick winners and losers.

Some of the biggest winners are technology expert Lee Ainsir Maverick Capital, Which switched to standard stocks late last year. Maverick Softbank-backed ecommerce firm has also benefited from a long-standing presence in Kappang, which floated last month and from a timely position at Gamestop. This is an increase of about 36 percent. New York based SenvestGamestop, which began buying shares in September, rose 67 percent.

The number of investors sent shows that European funds at Crispin Odyssey, which grew by about 60 percent, fell by about 30 percent last year.

Audi’s James Hanbury has gained 7.3 percent in his LF Brooke Absolute Return fund, which has helped stocks such as pub group JD Weatherspun and Wagamama’s owner The Restaurant Group. This has been supported by national stocks UK progress on coronavirus vaccine rolloutWhich has raised hopes of an economic return.

In a letter to investors seen by the Financial Times, Hanbury wrote, “whose funds are betting on prices and cyclical stocks,” we believe that growth and inflation will exceed expectations.

Additional report by Katie Martin


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