Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Amazon hosted its annual fall hardware event on Tuesday. It’s too bad that the company’s activities didn’t flow to the public because it was jam-packed with announcements. We’ve seen everything from new eco devices to Alexa-powered robots. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is what the company announced today.



In an event filled with offbeat products, Amazon has finally saved one of its most unusual. Inside Astro, The company has created an Alexa-powered robot that can move around your home. It has three primary functions. It can provide home security, check-in on loved ones and pets, and provide Alexa functionality on the go. When it becomes available later this year, the Astro will be priced at 9 999.99 before it finally rises to 14 1499.99.

Echo Show 15

Amazon Eco Show 15


Amazon is adding another model to its Echo Show family. The latest addition to this is the 15.6-inch 1080p display that the company envisions you wall mounting in places like your home kitchen. New Echo Show 15 A newly designed home screen that emphasizes Alexa widgets. The smart display has a camera and a new feature that will adjust the content of the home screen to you if the device recognizes your face. Sales of the $ 250 Eco Show 15 will begin later this year.


Hello view


Amazon made two major announcements regarding its Hello Fitness product. First, the company has launched its new Hello View Fitness Band. In short, Amazon basically added an AMOLED color display to its Hello wearable and made the device cheaper. It doesn’t come with Tune detector microphone Which makes the company wear fitness wearables so controversial in the first step, but it can track your heart rate, skin temperature, steps and more. Hello View is not yet available for purchase, but will cost $ 80 when it becomes available.

Outside of the new hardware, the company has announced Hello fitness and hello nutrition, Two new features that will be included with its annual 80 Hello subscription. The former is an alternative Apple Fitness + And other similar services. The latter, meanwhile, includes personalized recipes and meal plans. Hello Fitness will launch later this year, when Hello Nutrition will arrive in early 2022.

Blink doorbell


Amazon’s Ring and Blink was an entire part of the Home Security subsidiary dedicated to their products. Includes highlights from that category Ring Alarm Pro, a security system that includes Yaro Mess WiFi integration, And Blink is new $ 50 video doorbells. The ring has announced that it is starting to accept sign-ups for testing Always home cam Security drones, which were first announced at the same time last year.


Amazon Glow


Amazon awarded the prize for the second most offbeat device announced at its annual event Brilliance. This is a teleconferencing display company designed for children. The Glow has a projector that can create a 19-inch touch-sensitive playspace for all the games and activities included with the device. The Glow will cost $ 249.99 when it goes on sale in the next few weeks, but Amazon says it’s a starting price.

Everything else

Amazon Smart Thermostat


Amazon wouldn’t be Amazon if the company didn’t try to create more affordable versions of some of the best-selling products on its market. So it should come as no surprise it is a declaration Alexa-capable smart thermostat That only costs $ 60.

Outside of the new hardware, the company announced various updates for its Alexa at Tuesday’s event. In short, the company has worked with Disney to create one Voice assistant Which can be found in the hotel room of Echo Device and Walt Disney World Resort. It has also introduced a feature called Alexa together It turns an echo speaker or smart display into an emergency support device for your family members. Finally the company is adding Offline voice support for Alexa devices.

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