Homeland Security alerts connect social media to terrorist threats

The Department of Homeland Security is committed to preventing incidents such as January 6 Capital riots, And it bets that social media will help identify the symptoms of the problem before it happens. NBC News Claim Homeland Security is launching a warning system that looks for signs of the threat of domestic terrorism in public social network posts.

It was not immediately clear what tactics Homeland Security would use, officials said NBC Instead of searching for people, they are looking for overall trends based on “emerging details and complaints.” The system relies on human analysts rather than algorithms, officials said. Ideally, the authorities can catch the masterminds of the violence and thwart the perpetrators through investigations and defensive measures.

There is reason to believe it can work. Numerous Capitol rioters and their sympathizers have freely discussed their illegitimate motives on Facebook, Twitter and public forums – the right analysis caught it and could improve the arrest or protection of politicians.

The cautionary system cannot excite free speech advocates. Hugh Handyside of ACLU noted that people tend to “self-censor” when the government is watching. Homeland Security plans, however peaceful, may discourage people from sharing political dissent online. It could run underground terrorists that would have previously left a clear tail.

According to Handside, there are also concerns that Internet discourse historically may not be a reliable indicator of impending violence.

Homeland Security It is difficult to show support considering the events of January. If nothing else, the precautionary measure is a recognition that terrorism sometimes has a public presence online, even if committed extremists often return. Personal conversation.

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