Honda to end production of its hydrogen and plug-in hybrid clarity vehicles

After clearing EV off Last year, Honda is finishing production of its hydrogen fuel cell and plug-in hybrid precision models this summer, Autblog Reported. Accordingly, the decision came due to weak demand and a new focus on Honda electrification Nikkei.

The precision fuel cell vehicle was handicapped with a high ট্যাগ 71,200 price tag in the United States and a lack of hydrogen renewal infrastructure in the United States. With the completion of precision EV, PHV and fuel cell models, Honda is currently not making any electrified models at all in the United States.

However, the company said it would build enough clarity fuel cell models for creditors by 2022 and support expectations for the future. Honda had previously announced that it would release a Electric cars for 2024 And plans to sell only zero-emission EVs by 2040.

These may include EVs but Honda has not released hydrogen yet Hit a deal With GM to develop fuel cell vehicles. However, most of the hydrogen in the United States is made by Natural gas reform, So still fuel Emits greenhouse gases Even only water comes from the tailpipe of the fuel cell vehicle.

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