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When real A mess in the world, Facebook (er, meta) that metaverse may seem like a welcome refuge. Just press a headset and play some VR games in a wide digital state. Fun for the whole family! At the very least, Adrian Soe, Wired’s senior associate editor, has been leaning towards this lately to keep his young children in custody.

But it’s not all virtual puzzles and endless sunshine. Meta’s business practice has a track record of privacy and ethical errors that can cause people to pause before strapping on a VR headset. And, inevitably, this meta-space can be monetized by advertising, the way the current Internet is… although some technologists have a better idea than others, how could that be, says Gilad Edelman, a senior author at Wired.


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In Gadget Lab this week, Adrian and Gilad join the podcast to talk about the weird ins and outs of bringing your family to Metaverse and whether anyone would actually want to be there.

Show notes

Read Adrienne’s story about how her family Trapped in Metaverse. Read Gilad’s Q&A with its creator Second life. How the story of Cecilia Video games Do what Metaverse already does. Listen to our episode where Gilead and Kate Nibs Talk about NFTs.


If you’re thinking of getting one, Adrienne recommends booking a tattoo appointment soon, as there are plenty of places to back up now. Gilad suggests mashed cauliflower. Lauren recommends the game Beat Saber.

Adrienne so can be found on Twitteradriennemso. Gilad Edelman.Gilad Edelman. Lauren Good Hall.Lorengood. Michael Calorie.Snack fight. Bling to the main hotline at 8GadgetLab. The show is produced by Boon Ashworth.Buneshworth) By our theme music Solar key.

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