Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

One of the biggest PlayStation exclusive of the year. Exactly one month before the arrival of Action RPG It looks like an unfinished version of the game has been leaked

According to , Build includes all major Horizon Forbidden West Content, although some industrial resources are missing. From which screenshots and videos are called The game appeared on social media on Monday. Many of them were later Due to the report submitted by the copyright holder from Twitter, which suggests the leak is valid.

While Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to have stopped the leaks and the build doesn’t seem to have popped up on file sharing sites, this is bound to be another disappointment for the company. Months ago Our last part II A large part of the game was released, including the main story spoiler, including Katsin, .

So, if you are one of many For fans who are looking forward to the sequel, it is best to navigate the Internet very carefully for the next month or so. It may be worthwhile to mute some of the related keywords Horizon Forbidden West Social media or even To help keep you away from spoilers.

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