Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Windows 11 is here And Microsoft has detailed how the rollout will work in phases. The first system to get the operating system New device On which it is pre-loaded. Starting October 5, Microsoft Initially will offer free upgrades to newer PCs, laptops and tablets that ship with Windows 10.

Next, Microsoft says it will look Hardware qualification, Reliability metrics and other issues on existing Windows 10 devices to determine when the latest OS will be delivered via Windows Update. A similar approach to how the company has handled Windows 10 feature updates over the years. You can use it to find out if your device is compatible PC Health Check App.

Microsoft will notify you via the Windows 11 Update Settings page or when you check for updates. You can wait though. The company expects to offer upgrades to all eligible Windows 10 devices by mid-2022.


Windows Update is Microsoft’s proposed Windows 11 upgrade method, and probably the easiest for most people. However, you can manually install the OS if you prefer. You can Download Use the installation assistant or an ISO install.

Microsoft does not recommend installing Windows 11 on devices that do not meet system requirements, but you should Still able to do it. It is noteworthy that you Windows 11 may not get the update On PCs with unsupported processors.

However you decide to switch to Windows 11, it is best to back up all your files first. The OS is probably stable at the moment, but some will be risky and it is not worth taking the risk that you will lose important data.

Meanwhile, Microsoft says today marks the start of a 2-month lifecycle for Windows 11 Home and Pro versions, as well as the launch of 36-month servicing support for the Enterprise and Education versions.

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