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Note: This Q&A has been edited for both clarity and length.

Wired: What was your original pitch for? Bridge of Spirits?

Mike Greer: In many ways, the original pitch remains intact throughout development. We started creating a story-centered, action-adventure game in a small but AAA quality package. We’ve created an experience that’s digestible যা one you can accomplish on the weekends but with high quality visuals and really fun gameplay.

Since we created the game mechanics, tested the animation, reviewed the character design and created the story, each process influenced the other, resulting in exciting transitions. We never knew where this journey might take us! Originally, Rott was actually the opponent to stop Kona from his journey, but we soon saw that making them his teammates was the way to go.

Similarly, we were initially focused on telling age stories about a fairly young soul guide. Soon, we began to ask ourselves how his skill level affected the gameplay and the story. Thus, the storytelling began with a discussion of how far the design of the battle had advanced in his training, how much information he knew, and how much his real-world experience might have been.

Wired: How would you describe Kina’s personality and how she fits into his world?

MG: Buying still has a lot to learn, but at the beginning of his journey, he is convinced of his duty as a spiritual guide and who understands the sacred rituals needed to help lost souls. In earlier developments, the purchase was more uncertain, innocent and a truly newcomer, but that purchase you meet Bridge of Spirits He is independent, self-reliant, and knows what he is doing. At the same time, she knows how to have some fun with the village kids and her little rot friends.

After meeting with the villagers, Kena discovers that their father has different traditions than the ones taught to him, but he quickly realizes that they have the same mission. Perhaps the value of buying youth reveals new perspectives and its own ability to adapt and adapt in different ways to achieve the same goal.

Wired: How to buy and its journey Bridge of Spirits Different from counter stereotypes and other portraits of loss and forgiveness?

Josh Greer: We emphasize the presentation of different perspectives when it comes to storytelling, especially stories that explore less commonly illustrated experiences. The undivided focus of buying marks the key departure from some of the more common female stereotypes or tropes in gaming to help those around her using her duties and her knowledge and skills. Buying grief is not a girl, an unlikely female hero, or a fragile hero in need of help. Instead, the characters our hero encounters recognize him as a highly capable and effective spirit guide.

But, buying still faces many challenges. Instead of taking on a more supportive or passive role, he fights his environment, uses his cunning, and even his deepest enemies to gain a deeper understanding of the grief and loss – helping them to forgive, let go, and move on.

Wired: What inspired the team to use this project to focus on the content of balance and recovery and our own human desire to reconcile our own mistakes?

JG: Like many artists, our team feels motivated to explore our human experience and reflect these discoveries through us. In our personal lives, we have felt the pressure of constant exposure to excitement, polarization and conflict in the world right now. Things seem to be unbalanced.

In the early stages of development, we all found solace in the rehabilitative concept of finding our natural balance. It has inspired us to explore themes of recovery and reunion with our mistakes through our new gameplay. We hope the players have a fun experience playing The bridge of the soul, But we also hope that these more thoughtful questions encourage self-reflection, and maybe even some balance.

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