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One of the main reasons for the use of astrological predictions is that all the astrologers I have talked to have emphasized misleading reasons. Never, Never 100 percent sure. “People have the misconception that astrologers are looking at a crystal ball and seeing the future accurately,” Brennan said, “but it’s not really astrology.”

Where is this? Prophecy Many astrologers turn to the word of choice: Forecast. Astrological predictions tend to describe the future thematically or archeologically, and most of the astrological predictions today fall into this category. There is more room for different possible outcomes in the forecast and allow for human error in interpretation. Horoscopes work like this, predicting the coming year and the arrival of planets, and often exactly what happens in one-to-one discussions between astrologers and their clients.

As Sam Reynolds, An astrologer who started out as a skeptic and served on the board of the International Astrological Association ISAR, Pointing out, even character analysis through net charts is basically a form of thematic prediction: “Because of looking at your character, [astrology] What is likely to be revealed is what we are probably working on, “is an extension of Heraclitus’ statement that” character is destiny. ” Character influences how we navigate the situations that life throws at us. “Fate has two arms: one of them is yours,” he says. “Astrology is about learning how to work the hand that you can work with.”

Astrologers, teachers and what is the working hand of destiny CUSP Co-founder of the app Kirah Taborn For himself and for his clients. A planning-oriented astrologer, Tabourn considers predictions to provide a “more basis for the present by having some idea of ​​the pattern of the future”, along with the valuable gift of organizing one’s life. “[Astrological timing] There are certain structures that help people feel, an order for things, “he says.” It helps people make decisions. “

If astrology can help us determine the “right time” to make a decision, then it follows that astrology can also help us understand the “wrong time”. Forewarned is forarmed, As the old proverb goes, and the cyclicity of astrology is uniquely located to provide the nozzle. Author-astrologer Pallas Augustine says, “When we investigate historical and autobiographical astrological cycles, it is important to look at where repetition occurs.” This may include cyclical recurrence of rhythm problems, such as mental or physical health recurrences, gentle issues that require skillful empathy whenever raised in a client session. Astrological predictions, driven gently and efficiently, “can help identify meaning and movement [going forward] See what’s different, ”Augustine continued.

However, knowing that people make choices based on astrology, clients need to be as ethical as possible when translating celestial movements. “Our clients and content consumers are often in a position to put too much weight in the key [astrologers] Says Tabourn. “It’s really important to be aware of that energy dynamic.”

The Negative Side of Astrology’s Infinite Money-Making Possibilities? This puts the habit at risk of being abused by the careless kind, including suspicious promises of respectful behavior. An astrologer who is more concerned with being famous than being right or (in) being a helper from them, runs the real risk of chasing excitement at the cost of honesty. As a result, people use astrology as an excuse to create ambulance chaser or viral, intimidating social media content. Without the intentional training of counseling skills or trauma-aware practice, astrologers, even those with very good intentions, run the risk of inadvertently hurting rather than supporting their clients. Some professional astrology companies try to solve these problems Code Of Ethics, But since there is no governing body that can and cannot call itself an astrologer, such codes have limited power to rule among irresponsible practitioners. Furthermore, these codes, by their very nature, cannot fully address ethical differences across cultures or racial divisions.

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