Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

A new generation of young professionals are becoming online stars in their own right through their social media channels. But what happens when personal brands meet the old-fashioned big corporate workplace? In this week’s episode of Working It, Isabel talks to Eve Cornwell, an English ‘lawfluencer’ who has been online for the past five years, blogging about her journey to becoming a young lawyer – before reinventing herself in the tech sector.

Eve believes that ‘lawfluencers’ like her, are helping to build a more diverse pipeline of applicants by making a career in law seem accessible to all. She also posts videos about her personal life – and challenges. But the line between our personal and work selves can become ‘blurred’. And working alongside very successful young stars can be difficult for less famous colleagues.

Isabel discusses the fast-evolving dilemmas around influencers at work with FT graduate trainee Akila Quinio. She’s Gen Z – but does not have a big social media presence. Are we all going to have to have personal brands in future?

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