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Countess Alsina is not Dimitrescu Technically A vampire, but he’s definitely an icon.

From the moment he appeared in the first trailer Resident Evil: Village, Lady Dimitrescu draws attention to the Internet: her huge, alluring frame; Her sick-sweet smile; His huge hat; His accurate yet authoritative melody. Viewers were immediately overwhelmed, labeling her the “tall vampire lady” and claiming to know everything about her, which persuaded Capcom. Reveal its exact height – 9’6 “with his hat and heels – months ago Village Launched in May.

In the game, Lady Dimitrescu directs three fly-infested, murderous daughters and hunts the main character Ethan Winters across the opulent rooms of his castle. He crouches through the door and pieces at Ethan with long, finger-like nails, “rats” and “man-made things” all the time, hurling insults like a mutant registration in a flowing white dress.

Twilight flashes

The conspiracy against Lady Dimitrescu has continued ever since VillageIt has been launched, and fans are betting (or perhaps expecting really hard) that game The first bit of DLC The focus will be specifically on that.

Until then, and in the spirit of the Spooky season, we have gained insight into the creation of Lady Dimitriscu. Village Presentation director Masato Miyazaki is in charge of the game’s motion-capture process. Earlier this year, Miyazaki shared details with Engadget about how Lady Dimitrescu became, from conception to mockup, with co-star Maggie Robertson bringing her to the legendary life.

Engage: Has the design of Lady Dimitrescu changed during development?

Masato Miyazaki: The incredible height of Alsina Dimitrescu was conceived from the beginning and did not change during development. The same goes for her wide-brimmed hat and her white dress. However, the feature of her long stretched nails was to add some parts through the development process. It was an idea that was later implemented as a way to add physical elements that would make him even more terrified when you confront him.

Lady Dimitrescu is alluring and seductive Was he always meant to be a tempting character, or did it appear during the confrontation?

In the early stages of development, he was described as a magical character who would play and play with his prey. She was designed to embody beauty and fear in equal parts. Based on this, the scenario writer has taken his characterization further through dialogue, but he has not yet fully realized it. The character was finally brought to life through Maggie’s performance.

Like any character, I believe that the character becomes theirs as soon as the screenplay is handed over to the actor. The personality and motives of the character are much more refined by the actor. The character of Lady Dimitrescu was truly realized and was fruitful with every performance of Maggie.

Lady Dimitrescu (Maggie Robertson) at Resident Evil Village


What tactics did you use to make Maggie Robertson as tall as possible during the mockup session?

Although Maggie Robertson herself is quite tall, she has not yet reached the height we envisioned for Lady Dimitrescu. Using some way to increase his height would jeopardize his performance, so it was not something we could consider. We told Maggie to work normally. However, it still left us with a height difference between Maggie and Lady Dimitrescu that had to be resolved. We have developed several methods to combat this problem.

First, we shot with a mix of backgrounds according to two values: the human scale and the Lady Dimitrescu scale. Although the other characters served with an environment that suited the human scale, Lady Dimitrescu’s performance was done in front of a background that suited her scale. Everyone has performed with each other, but with this mix of environments. We thought it was the best way to allow actors to perform at their best without any hindrance. We have made sure that the furniture is arranged in such a way that the actors face each other.

The other aspect we have made sure to be aware of is to make sure the actors ’eyesight is in the right position. We set up markers so that actors can visualize the exact height. These markers show the exact position of the eye lines and where the organs are actually located. It’s a common combination, but it makes a big difference in the actors acting.

The third adjustment was the rig itself. We carefully set up a rig of CG characters to handle as many physical differences as possible between the character and the actor. We wanted to make sure we set things up so that the animators would have a relatively easy time handling any kind of miscalculation that might happen along the way.

What was the weird prop you used throughout the mocap process?

There are several, but there are two I would like to mention. The first is a cane carried by an old woman seen at the beginning of the village. When you see it in the game, it’s a weird pattern that shakes a lot of elements. The studio crew has created a prop that is similar to the design.

The second is the glasses we wore when we played our actor Todd Ethan Winters. Since the game is from a first-person perspective through Ethan Winters’ eyes, the movement of the camera is based on the movement of Todd’s head. Todd repeats his role as Ethan from the previous game and his performance is absolutely great, but there were some moments where the camera would go wild in more heated situations. To prevent this from happening, the studio engineer made a pair of special goggles by hand.

They actually turned out to look like swimming goggles. The idea was that the narrow field of vision would result in less head movement. I’m still not entirely sure how effective they have been, but one of the many wonderful memories I have from the whole experience of having fun after the engineer’s encouragement and Todd Goggles.

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