Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

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Playlists will be plentiful, while people you don’t want to hide will have nothing to do with Spotify’s easy blocking feature.
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Spotify eventually makes it possible to block other users from viewing your activity. Previously, if you wanted to block someone from spying on you and your music habits, you would need to contact customer service or report to the user.. Now, all you have to do is tap a button.

It’s easy to do: T.on ap More strategies The three-point symbol in the Spotify desktop app next to the username, Then select Block. It should work similarly on iOS and Android and there is an unblock option if something changes.

Once blocked, that person will not be able to see your listening activity, your profile page or any playlists you have made public. New block features will begin to roll out for users this week.

Spotify Long playlists have encouraged Collaboration Offers integration with other users and even Facebook profiles. But it lacks the necessary privacy features that make users feel secure and control their listening activity. Customers year after year Request With Spotify to make it easier to block haters, harassers and those with whom you feel uncomfortable or unsafe sharing your listening history.

Most social networks have a block feature available from launch. Spotify is considering including it until an investigation is published 2018 About how abusers use platforms to intimidate and intimidate their victims. At the time, a company representative said Spotify had no “plans for a block feature”, although it later followed up with an update on its message boards that the feature was a “good idea.”

If Spotify wants to be your favorite entertainment platform for music, podcasts and more, This requires better, more robust restraint techniques. As it stands, Spotify does not have the most intuitive interface and curation tools May be a little across the place. For example, when I remove an artist from appearing in a playlist on an Android app, the option does not appear in the Windows app.

All of us should feel free to know what we want without having to explode the past or snatch a real vine on our activities. Spotify’s block tool is long gone, but we’re glad it’s here.

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