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NFT Has given artists a new platform to get more exposure and sell their work easily. Lots here NFT platform Which provides a variety of great tools for manufacturers and encourages them to make NFT more accessible. So if you are an aspiring creator who wants to dive into the NFT pool, we have a guide on how to make and sell your own NFT for free. The process is simple and has a very short learning curve that you will have no problem understanding.

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How to make and sell free NFT

Step 1. Create a crypto wallet

First, you will need one Ethereum Wallet Or you can use a different wallet depending on the cryptocurrency you use to sell your NFT. Most NFT marketplaces adopt Metamask Wallet because it gives you the option to store your art in your wallet.

Read our detailed guide on how Create a MetaMask Wallet.

Step 2. Add funds to the crypto wallet

Now that your wallet is set up, you need to buy Ethereum or any other related cryptocurrency from Crypto Exchange And then transfer it to your wallet. We will take CoinDCX For example. The process will be the same for other exchanges.

  1. Go to CoinDCX, then Funds> Portfolio.
  2. Select Ethereum and click on Withdraw
  3. Copy your wallet address and paste it into CoinDCX and enter the amount you want to send to your wallet. Remember there will be a transaction fee.
  4. Yes, that’s it! You have successfully transferred your cryptocurrency to your wallet.

Now you have funds in your wallet. Go to an NFT marketplace of your choice. Or you can check out some of the marketplaces we’ve created for you here.

Step 3. Upload and mint your NFT

Now we move on to better part-uploading and minting NFT. First go to a marketplace. We use The open sea But the process will be the same for others.

1. First, link your crypto wallet with OpenSea. Click on Wallet and you will see an option for metamask.

2. Choose that and your metamask extension will ask you for a password. Once you enter it, your wallet becomes connected to the site.

3. In OpenSea, you will find an option to create a homepage. Click on it. If you can’t find it on any other site right now, scroll down and it should be somewhere there.

4. You will see a window where you can add your artwork or your creation file. Below, you can enter your NFT name and add a link to your webpage for more details if you have one. And then add a description of your NFT.

5. You will then have a variety of options to choose from to better filter your NFT. You can choose the amount of NFT you want to make available Think of it as a limited edition.

6. Then choose which blockchain you want to make it available. Once you’ve finalized your settings, click Create.

7. You will then be taken to a page where all the analytical details, as well as the history of the activity will be listed. Just click sell to go further.

8. On this page, you can choose whether you want to sell your NFT at a fixed price or put it up for auction where you want to sell it to the highest bidder. You can set the auction deadline for the duration of your NFT that you want to be available and then click complete sale.

You now have to pay the transaction fee and your NFT will be available for purchase in the market.

This brings us to the end of the process. Now you can share your NFT link to attract more people to your work and even some potential investors.

Some websites even allow you to set a royalty amount. This gives you a percentage of your NFT sales volume each time so you can continue earning from your work.

Unwrapping the wrapper

As we mentioned earlier, the process is simple and we hope we’ve helped you learn the basics of creating your own NFT. You can obviously test and try different sites and alternatives or even with different art forms but the process remains the same overall.

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