How to customize your PS5’s home screen

Unfortunately, all of these screens allow for this – no folders, no manual sorting, and it can’t even save your sorting settings. If you leave this screen and return, it will be set back to the most recent one (why, Sony, why?). Still, if you’re looking for a game that you haven’t played in a while or sometimes – it can help you find it quickly. You can easily press the triangle from the home screen to jump to the search button which

Customize the control center

When you press the PS button on the PlayStation 5, you’ll see the Control Center, which contains a set of quick menus along with cards that act as shortcuts and information for the current game. You can access your notifications, friends, word options and more.

If you find this menu cluttered with options you never use – or you want to enable some hidden things – you can customize it to your liking. Highlight a shortcut along the bottom of the screen, then press the option button on your controller. You will see a list of all the icons that you can live in here. Some are permanent, but others can be deleted and added to make the menu more applicable to your needs.

Oh, and the bonus tip: if you don’t have the control center at all, you can hold the PS button to go straight back to the home screen.

Turn off background music and sound effects

I always dig into the admirable background tones of modern video game consoles but nothing can. And the PS5 doesn’t just play cool music in the background – it plays a variety of music depending on the game you highlight which can be annoying.

Thanks, you can turn off this music and related sound effects completely. Highlight the corner settings cog at the top right of the home screen, then scroll down to Sound> Audio Output and the menu. If you like it, you’ll see an option to turn off home screen music and sound effects.

Twink the UI with accessibility settings

When accessibility settings are designed with multi-competent people in mind, they can also provide customizations without you (e.g.: Turn off the butt-dialing tap-to-wake feature on iPhones). If you go to Settings> Accessibility, you’ll find a number of options under the display that might interest you – such as customizing the way text is displayed or changing the scroll speed of overflow text.

Disable popup notifications

Lastly, since it’s not specified with the home screen, I suggest going to Settings> Notifications and customizing when and when pop-ups will appear. Many notifications can be set to be hidden during videos and broadcasts, but this means you’ll often find spam with missed notifications when you return to the home screen. You can turn off certain notifications altogether, or set them to display for a short time, so they don’t hang on your screen, leaving all the important icons in the corners covered.

I hope we had a more effective option and using the PS5 as well as other consoles the interface feels really incomplete. Hopefully, as Moni releases more software updates for the machine, the more useful sorting and customization features will change over time – so you can truly own your console.

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