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Never Bad times Delete your Facebook account: Chances are good that you use it less than before and every time you log in you are greeted with a slurry Re-heated viral news And life updates from two or three distant acquaintances. Now, though, seems like a particularly good time to pull the plug.

It has an ongoing series The Wall Street Journal Stories Which the company claims Internal research on various harms has been repeatedly ignored Because of its products. There is Chronic disruption Which makes you think maybe a lot Internet activity in the world Shouldn’t Run through a single company. And that there is common sense Facebook is probably not, as a whole, so great for society. It’s too much at a certain point, you know? If you get to that point, it limits how well you can leave Facebook, as well as how much it can track you after you leave.

How to deactivate your Facebook account

Let’s first establish that you can do something that feels like deleting your Facebook account which isn’t actually it. Deleting app from your phone? Cathartic, perhaps, but practically useless. Deactivating your Facebook account? A little better, it makes you disappear from most platforms, but it still holds all your data, patiently, and waits for your return indefinitely.

And look, okay, maybe this is the right option for you; Maybe you want nicotine patches instead of cold turkey. There are no wrong answers! To deactivate your account, click the down arrow at the top right of the page when you load Facebook. Click Settings and privacy, And then Settings. From there, rotate your vision to the Options panel on the left and click Your Facebook information. Then go back to the central menu, where you can scroll down Deactivation And Delete. Shit!

When you click on it, you’ll get two advertised options: deactivate and delete. Default to disable it, so go ahead and click Continue to deactivate the account. You will need to re-enter your password, which will unlock a page that will give you a reason to leave and allow you to delete emails from Facebook (notification, basically, that a friend has invited you to a group or something like that, even if you have a Zombie account) and continue to use messenger. Select all that apply, press that blue Disable Button, and call it a day.

Good about. Deactivation does not achieve so much in practice. Messages you send to your friends will still be in their inbox and you will still appear in their friends list. Your posts and comments in the group will still be visible to admins. And, again, Facebook will retain all your data forever. All you have to do to reactivate is log in to your account again. It’s like writing a big “Leaving New York” essay but Astoria continues to pay extra rent for a pretty small one bedroom.

How to delete your Facebook account from Real

If you’re ready to make a more serious commitment to sever a relationship, take a quick time first to consider whether there is any data rest on Facebook’s servers. Maybe you used it as a late photo album. Maybe you have a message that you want to hold. Maybe you made a good post once? If so, what was that like!

Basically, it may be worth saving your Facebook data – or the account before you log in to your account before shutting down another service. It’s not hard to do, though it can take a while. From the same down-arrow icon that you started earlier, go there Settings and privacy, Then Settings. Go to that left hand panel Your Facebook information. If you want to switch to where you put all those things online, hit Transfer a copy of your information, Then it is up to you to choose from the nine options. (It’s Dropbox, Google Photos, Backblaze, that kind of thing. Also: Blogger?) Once you’ve chosen a service, you can choose what kind of data you want to transfer and how much; For photos, for example, you can set a date range, or select specific albums. Make those decisions, connect to the destination service and let the transfer begin. If you want pictures to go in one place and posts to go elsewhere, you may have to go through this process a few times.

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