Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

This and other damage to the power system has left more than a million customers without electricity across a wide area, struggling with post-storm and subdued hot temperatures. The main utility, Enterage New Orleans, said it It may take weeks To fully restore the service.

Ida follows record-setting heat waves in the Pacific Northwest in June, during which rising electricity demand cuts off power in some areas and forces utilities. Institute Rolling Outage To prevent worse problems. This, in turn, follows closely in Texas which left millions without electricity in February, as freezing temperatures increase demand and freeze Natural-gas wells and assembly lines.

Finally, in California, utilities decided to shut down power lines when the risk of high winds and fires increased, hoping to save a down line from another deadly fire like a campfire. Paradise has almost destroyed the city.

Each of these disasters, in addition or Made more possible As a result of climate change, our power system has been damaged in a number of ways: increasing demand, knocking power plants offline and pulling out transmission lines.

Each problem requires a different, expensive solution. But they all point to the same problem: the need to create a modern, powerful, interconnected power generation and distribution system that is able to keep the lights on in the event of increasingly common and severe extreme weather.

Losing power during heat waves, winter storms, floods and fires is not the only problem. It is often a matter of life and death.

We need weather to operate power plants safely in both scorched and frozen conditions. We need to update the grid with sensors and software that help operators to predict and avoid problems.

We need to save a lot more energy along with a more diverse array of power sources to ensure there is enough electricity to keep homes and businesses online no matter what the weather conditions. And we need to integrate our cracking, piecemeal systems to create more redundancy across power plants and power supplies where towers and lines need to go.

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