How to make a CDC-approved face mask for double masking

We somehow arrived The Covid-19 epidemic marks one year of living and at the moment you should have a few masks that are properly fitted and filtered. But if you want to get more Double masking, You can make your own.

It is important to note The CDC no longer recommends making your own masks Because production Properly made masks Increased and DIYs may vary in effectiveness. But add a layer on top of one Disposable medical mask An option that we think is simply beneficial. See the CDC website for this Guide to updating masks.

You should not leave your home if you are sick. However, if you have been infected with Covid-19 and have not yet shown any symptoms, wearing a cloth mask will protect the people around you and help you spread the virus unknowingly. (These Common symptoms of Covid-19.)

Be sure to wash the mask frequently in the washing machine with regular detergent.

Updated April 2021: This article was originally about how to make your own cloth mask and followed the CDC’s guidance. We’ve just updated that CDC does not recommend using a homemade cloth mask as your only face mask. We recommend you buy One of our favorite masks If you are looking for an early face to wear.

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Some mask rules

  • Tax No. Horde N95 masks. Healthcare professionals are still facing a shortage of supplies and should not use the alleged protective masks for sick patients and healthcare workers.
  • Tax No. Wear face masks for children under 2 years of age, Or anyone who has difficulty breathing or they may be unable to remove their mask.
  • Tax No. Remove a mask with the facial area. Draw it by strap. Wash your hands after touching it.
  • Tax No. Just wear a standard bow or scarf. Wear a properly manufactured mask (disposable or not) with multiple layers that cover your face tightly. The directions below are for the second level.
  • Tax No. Stop wearing a mask when the transfer is lifted where you live. Even if you have been vaccinated (if not here) How to get Covid-19 vaccine), Government – private businesses like restaurants and grocery stores may still refuse your service and you should wear a mask and until everyone is vaccinated, we need to be aware.

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