How to play games on PC without finding any graphics card

GPU deficit Tends to get worse, As well as thanks for increasing demand from gamers and cryptocurrency miners A host of other factors. Prices continue to skyrocket, and Nvidia says there will be a deficit Probably last until the end of 2021– which means you may not get this upgrade early until next year

It’s been a long time coming, which means it’s time to compromise. Here are the next best ways to fix it when you can’t create a new system.

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If you need to buy a new one: Get a pre-built or laptop

Let’s get one thing out: If you flush with cash, you should consider buying a pre-built PC or gaming laptop if the bots can’t grab any GPU before scraping it all. As a PC maker for over a decade, I never thought I would pronounce these words, but considering the current conditions, this is your best bet to get top-level graphics performance today.

Since OEMs like Dell, HP, and others get their own allocation of graphics cards to sell on their systems, they have somewhat more supply than stand-alone card retailers tend to have machines to show you at your doorstep even though you may still have to wait a few weeks. I’m hesitant to shrink these options once or twice because of price fluctuations and shipping delays over the rest of this year, but I’ll start by looking at the big-box options. Dell G5 And HP Oman 30LAs well as preferring more customized system integrators Ibupower, The main instrument, Cyber ​​Power PC, Or NZXT BLD. You could go with something like that Alienware Aurora R12 And Course One For more compact machines, as long as you are willing to tackle more challenging upgrade paths with smaller form factor. We have a complete guide The best desktop PC for gaming, With What you should know before you buy.

To say the least is hard to upgrade, gaming laptops are also an effective option nowadays. If you haven’t visited the site lately, you may be surprised at the quality available. In the days of lightning, well-built “thin and light” laptops have become more popular as battery-strained behemoths begin to shrink in the rearview mirror. Asus ROG Jefferies G14 It is an incredibly popular midrange model that works well for everyday use, while MSI G66 And King’s Blade 15 You will find Sport Mobile RTX 3080 chips in a notebook for the best graphics. You can see more recommendations in our guide The best gaming laptop. This may seem blasphemous to any desktop user, but if you draw it on your existing monitor, keyboard, and mouse, it will perform the trick.

If you have an old graphics card: Use the graphics scaling features

If you already have a PC with an aging-but-border graphics card, consider yourself lucky. At least you have a working card. Even today’s low-midrange cards GTX 1650 There are ridiculously extra costs, so your best bet is to keep that card and twink your games to perform “enough” with the hardware you have.

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